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Certification & License

Safety is the most important factor to lead to a successful project. We strive to obtain all the certifications and licenses needed to be qualified and educated for top job efficiency and safety. Opportunities exist in all sorts of safety training and we become participants.

We have partnered with OSHA in their 10 Hr and 30 Hr courses. We have been involved in First Aid and CPR classes. Many of our members are CDL licensed. Many of our members have city and state licenses related to their trade. For example a State Fire Alarm license.

More stringent rules than OSHA, are those within the Oil and Gas Industry.  As the Oil and Gas industry has become a growing part of our region, so has Safeland training become a growing part of our education process.

Testing & Counseling

Safety training and Substance Abuse and Drug testing has become an increasing more important part of our industry. Too many accidents happen due to drugs and alcohol and/or poor safety training. In order to perform safely and at your most skilled level you must be alert and free of drugs and alcohol hindrances. We use background checks in our interviewing and hiring procedures. We have substance abuse and drug programs that include random testing of our journeypersons as well as our apprentices to make sure we have only the most qualified and ready personnel.

Besides our safety education training programs, regular safety discussions and meetings are held all the time throughout our industry. "Gang Box" safety talks, job meetings, new employee orientations, union meetings, one on one supervision with an employee, labor-management negotiations and etc. These meetings cite examples of do's and don'ts showing the dangers of what can happen and provide counseling among our members.